What makes the Virtual BEC 2021 better than the rest?

Professional Streaming Teams

Executive Production Staff

Next-Level Screen Designs

The Virtual Best Ever Conference is the only national real estate investing conference with speakers and content focused on our audience’s curated needs and interests. This all makes for an unrivaled virtual conferencing experience.

A Virtual Networking Experience Like No Other

Peruse a litany of exhibitors with out of this world offerings in an augmented reality right from your desktop. Connect directly with the exhibitors to ask questions as if you were there in person, or casually walk the virtual aisles from the comfort of your home.

This Isn’t Your 2015 Virtual Conference

We’ll have video conferencing and chat rooms dedicated to hundreds of different networking topics. If you want to meet like-minded folks from around the country, if you want to find a partner, deal, or money from the comfort of your home office, or if you just want some good old fashioned new conversations in a world devoid of connections, then this virtual event is a can’t miss.

Mini Masterminds

Exclusive to this year’s virtual event, when you sign up today you will be placed into a Mini Mastermind group with your fellow attendees of groups no bigger than 8 people. From there, we facilitate your first session and provide you with discussion topics that will lead you up to the Best Ever Conference in February 2021. No other conference provides you the opportunity to connect so intimately and learn as thoughtfully from your fellow attendees this far in advance from the actual date of the event. We’re making virtual networking easy for you this year. Make it count and register now.

Group size: 6-8
Cadence: Every 2 weeks, or dependent on your group